Princess Srinagarindra Award Foundation

Professor Dr.Mo Im Kim, Laureate2000

Year:  2000



 Professor Dr.Mo Im Kim, received her undergraduate degree from Faculty of Nursing , Yonsei University, Republic of Korea, and her Master and Doctoral degree from John Hopkins University, USA. Currently, she is a professor of nursing at Yonsei University.


Country:  Korea

       Professor Dr.Mo Im Kim is a one of the most respected figures in her filed; a pioneer in Asian nursing whose untiring dedication has resulted in the successful translation of the Primary Health Care stategy into concrete nursing practice. Her outstanding achievement are myraid and include the establishment of Community Health Nurse Practioner Program to provide qualified primary health care services to remote areas in Korea.


      Professor Dr.Mo Im Kim has also conducted valuable reserch and authored influetial textbook on Primary Health Care that are used expansively for the betterment of not just nurse but, ultimately, the gerneral public. She has also procduced important audio-visual aids that are widely applicable to the activites of community public health nurse pracitioners not just in Korea but also in many other developing nations as well.


     While Professor Dr.Mo Im Kim was the president of the Korean Nurses Association, she worked tirelessly to ensuse the continous publication of the Association's Newspapers, a vital channel to disseminate beneficial health information to the public as well as to broadcast information regarding goverment policy development. Her efforts in promoting community health care directly led to the enactment or laws which today enable nurse practitioners to work as home health nurse and industrail nurse practitioners. These activities have been enormously important in improving the image and status of nurse among the general public, She also worked to improve to improve international exchange among nurses and successfully hosted the 19th Congress of International Council of Nurses in Seoul, Korea.