Princess Biography

Her Activities

All through her life, The Princess Mother served the country and the Thai people.  Her Most important duty was to bring up the two sons who later become highly virtuous Kings, greatly beloved and respected by the people.  As for the daughter, she has followed her Mother’s footsteps in serving the country in several capacities.

Aside from looking after the Royal children, the Princess Mother performed so many other valuable services.  She gave Royal patronage to many foundations, as well as charitable organizations, to the limit of her financial capacity, during her lifetime. She was a member of the Nurses’ Association of Thailand since 1929, and gave her Royal patronage to the Association. Through her wisdom and encouragement the Association has been able to initiate and facilitate activities contributing to the health and well-being of the people and the advancement of the nursing profession in Thailand. 

Since 1964, she journeyed to visit people in the poor areas throughout the kingdom, donated items of necessity and provided assistance to them, as well as gave encouragement and support to the military personnel, Border Patrol Police, and civilian official in those areas. The primitive living conditions and suffering of the people that the Princess Mother has seen in the remote, rugged, and isolated areas of the country, called her into action.  The ultimate goal of Her Royal Highness’s activities was to ensure not only their survival but also their self-reliant development and well-being.  Although literacy itself is a necessity, it was obvious to Her Royal Highness that other needs have to be served: health care, medical treatment for the sick, skill training, apprenticeships, non-formal education programmes in health, nutrition, population and fertility awareness, agricultural techniques, the environment, and values and attitudes.









The hallmark of the Princess Mother’s many achievements in so many fields was her ingenuity and initiatives to do essentially what is needed most.  The scope of her activities encompassed the mobilization of financial and human resources, public, private and voluntary as well as innovation of effective and relevant delivery systems in order to provide services to meet the needs of the people in those areas.  It was the unique ability of the Princess Mother that she managed with ease to secure the ways and means with the full and willing support and cooperation of all concerned. The following are the Princess Mother’s three decades of continuous activities and achievements.

1. Educational Projects.  
She donated her private Funds, together with monies from other sources, to build small schools in the hardship areas throughout the country, in support of the projects, organized by the Border Patrol Police, to establish schools for hilltribes and people in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, she rendered support, through the Thai Hillcrafts Foundation, the teaching of hilltribes children, providing health care, as well as the vocational training and promotion of education according to individual capabilities.  Furthermore, she actively supported the effort to disseminate the teachings Lord Buddha [Dhamma] among the young and the general public by means of radio and written materials.

2. Public Health Projects.

In 1969, the Princess Mother set up mobile medical teams to provide volunteer services, during off-duty hours, in health care and preventive medicine for people in border and hardship areas.  These teams are organized by the Princess Mother’s Medical Volunteer Foundation [Por-Or-Sor-Wor]. All the participants are volunteers. When the government realized the benefit of the project they gave it partial financial support annually. The activities of Por-Or-Sor-Wor extend to another important field, namely oral hygiene, as well as to bringing in patients with particular ailments form remote areas for further treatment. From 1991 onwards, Por-Or-Sor-Wor began to supplement the basic public health program of the government. 

3. The Doi Tung Development Projects. 
In 1988, the Princess Mother started the Doi Tung Development project in the districts of Mae Chan and Mae Sai, Chiang Rai Province, in an area encompassing over 90,000 rai.  The aim was to rehabilitate the forests in the watershed areas and to improve the quality of life for the local inhabitants, so that people and forests can cohabit in harmony. This project received the cooperation of both the government and private sectors, with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under the Royal Patronage of the Princess Mother [formally the Thai Hillcrafts Foundation] acting as coordinator and overseer of the project.  Within only 6 years, the Doi Tung Development Project was able in the area have become the vital source of strength for the reforestation project. Moreover, the project promotes training of various other skills for the local people, thus improving their earning and standards of living.

The Latter Stage of Her life
    The Princess Mother was taken ill with a heart ailment, and was admitted at Siriraj Hospital on June 2, 1995.  She passed away on Tuesday July 18, 1995 at the age of 94 years 8 months and 27 days.